Content Guidelines

Videos we like..

Videos with a positive message, an interesting story, or something to teach. Videos that make us laugh, smile, think, or help us relax. Videos that help us understand other people or the world around us.

Basic Requirements

  • Videos should be in English, or have English captions.
  • No current news, sports, or local business videos.
  • We’ve decided not to include music videos, unless they can easily fit into one of the other categories (relax, funny, memes, etc), just because of the enormous amount of music videos on YouTube.
  • The user account posting the video should have permission to use the video (no copyright infringement).

Technical Requirements uses the YouTube Iframe api in order to play the videos. We are currently only able to include YouTube videos.

Additionally, the video author needs to have enabled embedding on their video in order for it to be included on external websites such as this one.

We won’t include…

While there may be a few exceptions, below is a list of some things that we won’t include:

  • Violence, graphic scenes
  • Nudity
  • Videos promoting the use of firearms or explosives
  • Sexual references or scenes, innuendo, gestures, etc.
  • Swearing
  • Videos promoting drug and alcohol use.
  • Videos with inaccurate information
  • Misleading titles or thumbnail images
  • Destruction of property
  • Videos of people taken without their permission
  • Videos that have or are likely to damage the reputation/self esteem/well being of those being filmed
  • Irresponsible use of animals to make money via video advertising
  • People falling down/hurting themselves
  • Anything that would be very likely to cause harm or destruction if someone were to imitate the video in real life.

Minor Offenders:

(We probably won’t include…)

  • Mukbang (videos of other people eating)
  • Compilation (videos made from other people’s videos)
  • Unboxing
  • Movie Trailers
  • Videos split into multiple parts (they won’t work well with randomized video player)